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My law firm handles all types of civil disputes involving individuals, corporations,
limited liability companies, partnerships, and any other form or entity. I represent clients in the following areas of law:

I represent victims of serious car accidents, motorcycle accidents, workplace injuries, oil field injuries, and wrongful death. If you or a loved one are dealing with the effects and aftermath of a significant injury, you need to know your legal rights. I am here to guide you through the insurance process and assert your legal rights under Montana law when making a claim for injuries or wrongful death.

Whether your accident injuries are physical, emotional or financial, talk to Ben to understand all your options. Ben is an experienced truck accident attorney and is well-versed in proving fault and dealing with insurance companies. Contact us to make sure your rights are protected.

Ben can help. Wrongful death claims often result from negligence. Any fatality caused by the wrongful acts of another may result in a wrongful death claim. This might follow a motor vehicle accident caused by another driver, a or defective vehicle, or medical malpractice. Ben know loss is difficult and will listen intently to build the best possible case for you and your loved ones.

There is a great level of trust that goes into a business relationship. When that trust is broken due to a breach of contract, deception, fraud, or simply one person taking advantage of another, it is advisable to obtain experienced legal counsel. I provide skilled and effective commercial litigation lawyers to individuals and companies in many areas of the commercial and professional world.

I am knowledgeable in Montana's real estate laws affecting the various disputes of residential, commercial, and agricultural property owners. My firm's civil litigation practice covers real estate disputes regarding homeowners, commercial property owners, lenders, brokers, developers, landlords, tenants, farmers, and ranchers. I am dedicated to asserting and protecting my clients' legal rights.

A trust generally involves three people in its creation and administration: a settlor or grantor who creates the trust; a trustee who administers and manages the trust and its assets; and a beneficiary who receives the benefit of the administered property in the trust. Ben is famailar and experienced with all three areas of trust and estate law in Montana.

Consumer protection is the practice of safeguarding buyers of goods and services, and the public, against unfair practices in the marketplace. If you feel like you've been wronged or mislead by a businesses in order to gain an advantage over you, call Ben, he can help.

Ben can defend and advise you, the insurance carrier and their insureds on coverage disputes and declaratory actions. Ben will determine when insurance companies must pay claims, ensuring that you are protected.

At Sather Law, PLLC, I understand that some businesses want to work with their own national counsel. As such, I offer local counsel services throughout the State of Montana. I provide experienced legal advice regarding local practices and law essential to complying with local rules and procedures. I want to assist you with your Montana law needs and give you the best advice possible.

Sather Law, PLLC defends and prosecutes civil appeals in both the Federal and State courts, including the Montana Supreme Court and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. I am retained by individuals, various entities, as well as other trial lawyers to pursue the appeals of adverse trial outcomes and to defend against appeals of successful trial verdicts.

When professionals who provide financial advice, legal representation, medical care, counseling, or accounting services are accused of negligence or breaching their fiduciary duties, the consequences can be staggering. At Sather Law, PLLC, I work with professionals and experts in accounting, medicine, counseling, and the law in defending and strategizing against such allegations.

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My law firm handles all types of civil disputes involving individuals, corporations, limited liability companies,
partnerships, and any other form or entity. I represent clients in many areas of the law.

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